Q: I just paid $600.00 for this guitar, Why Does it Buzz?
A: Well... This is a touchy subject. After 30 years as a guitar tech,
this is the one question that is asked the most.
The answer is simple but may offend some.
If you purchased a quality instrument
And it has been Setup Properly...
It usually has to do with one of two things.

1) The instrument is defective. (Your tech will tell you that)
2) Your technique (feel/touch) with both hands is not very good.

OUCH! Hard to hear but it's usually the case.
Think about it,
metal strings being strummed, picked and slapped
metal frets! = BUZZ!!!

  • Restring
  • Set-up
  • Pickup Install
  • Rewire
  • Neck Adjustment
  • Fret Level
  • Fret Polish
  • Saddle and Nut Replacement
  • Trem/Floyd Rose Adjustment
  • Jack/Pot/Switch Replacement
  • Pickup Hot Mods
  • (Above is a Partial List)
Quality Work
Great Rates
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"It's Time"
What is a Setup?
A Setup is a Series of Adjustments that should be Done on All Guitars!
It does not matter if your guitar cost $50.00 or $2,500.00...
A proper setup performed by an
Experienced tech will allow your guitar
to function as it should.

A Proper Setup:
  • Choosing the right string gauge for your playing style.
  • Overall inspection
  • Service machine heads (tuning gears)
  • Clean fingerboard
  • Fret inspection
  • Restring
  • Adjust neck
  • Adjust trem/floating bridge angle
  • Adjust saddle/bridge action
  • Adjust/polish nut slots
  • Set intonation (if applicable)
  • Check/tighten output jack and plate, strap buttons
  • Check pickup(s) height, rings
  • Basic body and neck cleaning
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